Book Review: Calendar Girl Vol 2 by Audrey Carlan #Giveaway

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April, May & June . . . Oh how I swoon for Volume Two


Unwilling escort Mia Saunder’s journey continues in the second anthology of the Calendar Girl series! In the next three months, is heads to Boston, Oahu, and Washington D.C.

In April, she poses as girlfriend to philandering Mason Murphy, a professional baseball player who needs a better image, only to find he’s not at all what she expected.

May finds Mia turning up the heat with Samoan model and fire-dancer Tai Niko as she participates in a swimsuit campaign designed to prove that beauty really does come in all sizes.

Mia rounds out June as the arm candy for Warren Shipley, a member of the wealthy one percenters. Although she’s pretending to be a gold-digger, Warren turns out to have a heart of gold. However, his devastatingly handsome son, Aaron, a California Senator, is nowhere near as kind.

Ok, so I thought January, February & March were not only handsome and sexy, but adorable as well. But April and May . . . Whew. Mason was a bit of a jerk in the beginning, but at the end, he turned out to be a pretty chill guy. Tia . . . Now that boy seemed amazing. He was not only good looking (ok, hot), but was a sex God in bed, and a natural sweetheart. June, Warren is very very sweet, but, with Aaron around, it brought Mia a thought that she does indeed have a family. A previous month yummy shows up in the book as well, and he was just as sexy as ever.

You can check out Volume 1 (January, February & March) in this Link, and find other sites for Audrey Carlan.

Make sure you check out her books, because let me tell you, she does NOT disappoint lol.

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Book Review: Playmaker by L. P. Dover

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If you love hockey with some bad boy romance like me, here is your chance to read Playmaker


He knows every play in the book. But she’s calling the shots.

I’m Maddox Ledger, all-star winger and the reason the Charlotte Strikers killed it in the playoffs. Yeah, the tabloids like to call me arrogant. A real hothead. All I see is a guy who plays to win. Wreaking havoc on the ice, breaking a few hearts—that’s all just part of the game. And I’m sure as hell not sitting on the bench.

 When my teammate asks me to be in his wedding party, I can’t refuse. Lucky for me, the bridesmaid I’m paired with is the definition of eye candy, but she’s so much more than that. Lacey Easton is totally irresistible and she makes me want to be a better man. A glimpse of bare shoulder takes me back to a steamy, two-week Vegas tryst I can’t forget. One I’m eager to repeat.

 Suddenly our one-night stand is turning into the sequel. Still, Lacey’s keeping secrets. She doesn’t trust me. And maybe I deserve it. But I know more than she thinks I do and there’s no chance I’m letting her get away—or letting another guy take what is mine. This time, I’m playing for keeps.

I love anything hockey. Well, anything hockey, football, and books. So of course I had to get my fingers on this bad boy.

Hunky leading man ✔️

Story ✔️

Happy ending ✔️

It had game. It had anger. It had jealousy. It had love. Sex. Family. Revenge. The list goes on.

I give it 5/5 since the story was so cute, and had my favorite sport. Well written!

You can find L. P. Dover on the following sites: