Day 30 of #31AuthorsofHalloween. Dean Koontz

We are nearing the end!!! Who better to have the second to the last day of the Halloween season, than to have Dean Koontz???

Dean Koontz has been around for years. He is known for his sci-if/horror/fantasy type stories.

Ever since 1968 with his first story Star Quest. I personally love his Frankenstein novels, it is just too bad that they are packed away at the moment. I have to say though, I never seen the movie (*gasp*)

I have to say, there cannot be one horror fan who does not have at least one book from him. And who is excited for his 2019 release? The Night Window??? I know I am.

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Day 11 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Mary Shelley

Who does not love a good classic horror story? Especially when it was written? To me, this is truly the best horror classic . . . Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. My favorite movie rendition of the movie? The 1994 version. You know, the one with Robert DeNiro.

I admit, I cried at the end. Both the movie and the book itself. Why wouldn’t you cry? A monster that was created from an evil man’s idea, who literally had no choice. Wanted to have a companion, and friends, and everyone considered him a monster and did not want to be around him. I would cry too if no one wanted to be my friend, and thought of me as a monster.

I believe Mary Shelley was ahead of her time, and I cannot imagine what she may have gone through after the story was published. She probably never event thought that it would become a classic, and it would be forgotten. Not me. Loved the story, loved the way it was written, and fell in love with the monster.

What is your favorite movie rendition?