Day 11 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Mallory Kelly

About Mallory Kelly

“Mallory Kelly wrote her first book before she could read with the help of her father and a quarter page of yellow construction paper. Since she was 5, she’s loved Tim Burton far more than Disney, and her horror fate was sealed when she discovered Edgar Allan Poe at the age of 10. When she was 12, she stole “Tommyknockers” by Stephen King from her older sister and hid it, reading at night after her parents were asleep. King became her favorite author, and her favorite book is “It”.

She has always loved to write but owes her decision to pursue writing as a career to her college Creative Writing teacher. He encouraged her to submit her stories for publication. She submitted one and waited four months for the rejection. By that time she’d learned what an Independent Author was and decided she’d take her future into her own hands and self-publish, though she is planning to pursue tradition publishing in the future. Right now, it’s just too fun to be free. Her thriller short story series Clown Conspiracy is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.

Mallory has been featured on a number of blogs and review sites and recently organized the Horror Writing Contest for WriteHive.

Mallory served four years in the United States Air Force, hoping for exotic travel and adventure. She saw Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Qatar, and Afghanistan – the ugly part. She graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Troy University with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 2017.

Mallory has been married to the best man in the universe since 2009, and together they have two young children. After their marriage, they lived for six years in Navarre, Florida, but gladly gave the beach up to return to the mountains, red rocks, and snow in Utah. They share their lives with two ball pythons: Lucy and Loki; three fish: Pennywise, Haruki Murakami, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky; and two snails: Wilkie Collins and Mary Shelley (get it?)

Mallory spends as much time as possible creeping around the woods, making bad-ass quilts, and reading fellow indie authors. The surest way to her heart is through Harry Potter socks.

Synopsis for Dead End

A rainy Colorado town.

A body – slashed, bleeding in a cornfield.

A Halloween haunted house with thousands of visitors a night.

And a creepy clown who isn’t on the employee register.

Detectives Carter and Shirley are sent to investigate the gruesome homicide, but at Dead End, the props are more than plastic. The detectives go in after the clown, will they both make it back out?

My Review for Dead End

First killer clown read. It creeped me out, and had my heart racing! I read the whole book while sitting in my car waiting to start work (a little over an hour), it was that good of a read. I love short stories (well, it seemed short to me lol), when I am in a pinch, and need a good read. Mallory definitely did not disappoint in that area. My attention span is not all that great, and Dead End kept my attention. I am looking forward to reading the others!

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Day 10 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – J. D. Brink

About J. D.

J.D. Brink was not a private detective in the 1940s, but he’d like to have been.

Instead he was born in the 1970s, was a kid at the best time ever to be a kid (the ‘80s), and went to college in the ‘90s. Since then he’s become a sailor, spy, nurse, and officer in the U.S. Navy, as well as a gravedigger, insurance adjuster, and school teacher.

Today (Halloween, 2019) he and his family have returned to his native Ohio, where there aren’t enough cheating husbands, missing persons, practicing witches, or hard-boiled mysteries to keep him occupied.

His fictional adventures take place in the Identity Crisis superhero universe, Endless Dark sci-fi universe, and Thunderstrike Sage fantasy realm, to name a few

Synopsis for Mime

Crime-noir meets ghost-horror in this short thriller. 

Mobster thugs Pauli and Mouse come across a street clown late at night who seems to know more than he’s telling. Maybe too much. 

But you know the best thing about killing a mime? No one hears him scream. 

Then again, by the time this story is over, it won’t be him screaming.

The Grit & Shadows Collection:

A vampire-slaying paramedic. A futuristic private detective. An ex-magician turned smuggler. 

This collection includes tales from some of your favorite genres: urban fantasy, crime noir, supernatural mystery, and vampire horror. Take the path to damnation.

Fans of Stephen King, Kim Harrison, and Jim Butcher will be dying to solve the mysteries of this series. Pick up the next volume today. If you dare…  

Waking in the Dark – Four tales of temptation and terror.
Kiss of the Maiden – Five stories of gritty heroes and bloody resolve.
One-Eyed Jacks – A novel of dark urban fantasy, crime noir, and Asian myth.

Review for Mine

I love a good short story. Especially something creepy as Mime. The way the story was written, you can really see play in your head like a movie. You have the typical bad guys who think they are tough and scary enough to get their ways. Then you have a mime, an innocent looking mime, who ends up being the complete opposite. I was dying when he was showing that he is not scared at all, and took on these two guys. Again, if you like short creepy stories, this one did not let me down, and I am sure it won’t for you.

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