Blog Tour – Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello

When you are a mother of a middle schooler, you approve books such as Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello. You have Guinevere, Merlyn, magic, unicorns, and more.


His one desire . . . To be a knight.

His future queen . . . At times reckless.

Best friends . . . Bound by Friendship and Loyalty.

When their adventure turns deadly & dangerous, Guinevere & Cedwyn find themselves embroiled in a life-or-death struggle.

Not only are they in danger, but so are the kids of Cadbury Castle.

Renegades – foiled in their attempt to kidnap the princess – steal the children of Cadbury Castle to sell as slaves. Guinevere and Cedwyn vow to rescue the children but a miscalculation puts them all in more danger.

As the plan quickly unravels, Cedwyn chooses to turn his dream of becoming a knight into reality.

Will their courage be strong enough to survive?

I had the pleasure of having Cheryl guest post on today. She talks about what reading really is to her.

What is Reading Really?

By Cheryl Carpinello

I’m going to start this with a request for forgiveness. I am so passionate about reading, not just for kids, but for everyone, that it brings out the teacher in me. My teacher voice comes out, and I am unable to prevent that from happening. So, with that said, here goes.

What actually counts as reading? Is it the newspaper, magazines, comics, novels, non-fiction books, graphic novels? how many of these do you think qualify as reading? For grandparents, many might say novels, some non-fiction books, and maybe comics.

Parents might add newspapers, mostly on-line, and magazines, some on-line. For kids growing up today, the list would definitely include comics and graphic novels. I would even add some video games that come with instruction books that explain not only the rules, but also give players the essential background stories to participate in the games’ scenarios.

All of these should count as reading. It’s not as important what kids are reading today as long as they are reading. Reading shouldn’t be regulated to a certain format or genre. That’s not what reading is about. Reading must be about comprehension. Does the reader understand what is happening and why? Are they able to follow the plot lines of the story, be if fiction or non-fiction. Although the terminology is a bit different for non-fiction, the reader still needs to understand the processes involved and be able to follow the line of thinking present by the author.

In today’s world when so much as just a swipe of a finger away, kids need to be able to think for themselves, discover answers than just surfing the web for the information assuming that everything found online is true. Experiencing the excitement of learning about a topic through research and reading is one that everyone should experience at least once.

Overall, if I had to point to a single reading innovation, it would be the growth of the comic book and the birth of the graphic novel. What a boon for reluctant readers, be those young or mature! For many kids and adults – and I’ve met my share of both over the years – the sight of all those words on page after page is not just daunting, it can be downright scary.

Graphic novels remove that intimidation and bring readers the joy that can be found in following the latest adventures of superheroes, discovering the power of classical stories like Don Quixote, The Hobbit, A Wrinkle in Time, Anne of Green Gables, and authors like Edgar Allen Poe, Philip Pullman, Walter Dean Myers, and Jack London. Graphic novel readers increase their comprehension because of the pictures. And you know what? Kids don’t look to see how many pages a graphic novel has! And you just might see those readers progress to those old-fashioned things called books!


If you enjoy children’s books, even as an adult, please pick this up, and read to yourself, or with the kiddos. I know I enjoyed the books.

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Day of 7 #31AuthorsofHalloween – JR Ward

Now, how can I forget the ladies out there (and the men who love this series). JR Ward, of how I love her Fallen Angels, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and her Band of Bastards.

I remember finding one of her books on the table at my best friend’s house. I asked her about it, and she told me the whole story of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. If you have not heard of them, let me tell you: BIG, BURLY, VAMPIRES. That is it. There are so many of them, and each book, you will learn about their backgrounds, and watch them fall in love with their HEA (Happily Ever After). These guys hunt for Lessers who are vile, walking, heartless, baby powder smelling, pieces of flesh. In the first book, Dark Lover, you meet them, and the main one, Wrath, who becomes their King. Well, a lot goes on in this series, and she is still writing lol. You meet the Band of Bastards in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and you will either love them, or hate them.

The other series, Fallen Angels, you meet a man who dies, and comes back as an angel who is a part of the war with hell. Each book, you meet someone new who is at a crossroads, and find out with their soul will go to Heaven or Hell.

The great thing about these two series? There will be a MERGE!!! I honestly cannot wait for this to happen. She just recently started another series, kind of like an extension of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. You are introduced to younger generations who are joining the academy to train to fight alongside them, to strengthen in numbers agains the Lessers, and what evil is about to come. Like I said, there is a lot of books.

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