Day 28 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – James M. Gabagat

About James M. Gabagat

James M. Gabagat was born and raised in the California Bay Area. He has studied art, music industry, and psychology, but grew bored of all that, finally chose to stop lying to himself, and decided to pursue writing. After working several jobs to scrape up money for a cheap laptop, he began contributing short horror stories to a few, now defunct, online magazines. It paid nearly nothing, but it was the start of his writing career. James enjoys long walks, reading, thinking quietly for long periods of time, and watching anime and awful, low-budget horror movies.

Synopsis for Pulp Dummy Dreadful

Seven tales of dread, of wicked individuals, sinister entities, and strange happenings.
Tales unsuitable for children, the fainthearted, and oversensitive, emotional types.
Tales to make you scared and depressed.

“THE MAGIC OF MR. AND MRS. CRUFF” While little Lucy’s mommy and daddy fight and throw stuff at each other, she hides in her room and talks to friendly shadow people, who give her all the junk food she wants.

“DUWENDE” In exchange for booze and smokes, the mystical, tiny man grants Santiago a wish. When it comes, Santiago isn’t thrilled. He’s disgusted.

“SOUL BURN” The powerful new drug is only sold to “special individuals” and Dominic is one of them. He soon experiences the mind-blowing trip, but it totally isn’t rad.

“THE ME” Kurt receives terrifying text messages…From himself?

“ASLEEP FOR SERENA” The girl of his dreams. The girl he only knows in his dreams. The girl he truly loves. Rob will finally meet her.

“NO WAY, MAN” Janet’s daughter is distressed and won’t stop crying. “No way, man,” the three-year-old keeps saying, “no way, man.” What does it mean?

“THE GUMMY WORM GIRL” She’s a horridly deformed enigma and she loves gummy worms. She’s about to change a candy store employee’s life.

Pulp Dummy Dreadful.
Some bastards won’t go to hell soon enough.

My Review for Pulp Dummy Dreadful

I have to say, I am really loving the short stories. I have never really enjoyed them until this year, obviously from my posts. I have to say, they were all amazing! My favorite one is “The Gummy Worm Girl”, sad ending, but it goes to show you that no matter how someone looks, you must always be friendly. Which one is your favorite?

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Day 26 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Morgan Delaney

About Morgan Delaney

Morgan Delaney is an Irish writer of dark and fantastic fiction. Like all the really great Irish writers, Morgan prefers to live abroad where there is less rain. “My pages stay dry and the ink doesn’t run,” he explains.  

He has has lived in Ireland, Germany, Australia and Kazakhstan. He worked as a building engineer until one day the wind changed. He was writing a particularly outrageous cost estimate at the time and he has been stuck like that, writing lies, ever since. 

His favourite film is Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

Synopsis for Sour Milk

When Lee’s parents die, the authorities send him to the Lambs’ Home: an orphanage in the middle of nowhere, run by the erratic, abusive Miss Dunn and a damaged, shop-window mannequin, with a life of its own.

At the Lambs’ Home all the boys are named Ivan and all the girls Anna, but Lee’s name is all he has left and he’s not giving it up.

He quickly becomes the focus for the pent-up rage in the orphanage, and no one is coming to save him. But if he can uncover the secret at the heart of the Lambs’ Home, he just might be able to escape.

For now, all he knows is that the children hate Miss Dunn… but it’s the mannequin they fear.

My Review for Sour Milk

Throughout the entire story, I just thought “those poor kids”. Miss Dunn was a horrible human being, and Mr. Leonard was just down right creepy. I hate dolls, mannequins, dummies, anything in the fake person category just creeps me out. Detention was frightful. Anyone would go crazy in a place like that. If you like anything of what I have mentioned, this book would be a great piece to add to your collection. Happy reading!

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