I unfortunately do not have a post about a review or a list today. Between packing, and family, I have barely had time to read this week. Did you know I had packed seven boxes of books? And I am not even done. I believe I would have one or two more boxes left for books.

I have vandalized a book. If you are my friend on Facebook, you would know that I started a leadership book. One that I would hope to post soon. I have always been a fan of leadership, studied it for years, done papers and presentations on it. I pretty much specialize in it. But, it is always nice to get another person’s point of view on it.

I remember a couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out with my best friend, and her boyfriend (whom I consider my brother), and they were showing YouTube clips of this guy who teaches leadership. I am pretty sure you have heard of him, as his clips flooded my timeline lol.

Simon Sinek. The way he talked about leadership, is like a whole new dimension. I do not think that I have ever vandalized a book out of recreation and not education.

In between reading his book, and packing, I am putting together my TBR box to make sure that goes with me and not storage. The more books I get, the more I want my library. I have dreamed of a library for so long. I change my ideas on it so many times. Is it going to be in the living room? The bedroom? My future SheShed that will also be my office? Who knows. Maybe the bedroom will be my office as well. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, so it gives me a quiet place that the television (Sex & the City, Big Bang Theory, Charmed, and Supernatural are my weaknesses lol) will not distract me. My husband likes the news, I like junk television.

What are you currently doing? Any big projects? If you are not my friend on Facebook, click the link up top. You will see my random thoughts, question of the day, blog sharing, and promoting books.

Happy Hump Day



Media Madness Monday – Nathan Fillion

Image result for nathan fillionIt is super cold.  Husband is gone to do something, kiddo is in her room gaming, puppo wrapped up in a blanket.  Here I am bundled up in a blanket, watching one of my favorite shows, Castle.  The nerd in me has a HUGE crush on Nathan Fillion, ever since 2 Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place when he played Johnny.  There is just something so adorable about him.

You are probably wondering why I am including Nathan Fillion in a title of a post called “Media Madness Monday” .  It is because he was in my favorite TV shows and movies that involved books.  In Castle, he plays Richard Castle, a mystery writer who is friends with fellow authors such as James Patterson, and others whom he gets ideas on solving murders that happen in the show that he would be confused about.  He is partnered with Kate Beckett, an NYPD detective, whom he bases his Nikki Heat series (yes, they actually do sell those books, under Richard Castle, check it out . . . seriously).  There is a lot of flirting back and forth between the two characters, until they finally get together after a few seasons, and . . . well, I won’t tell you the rest.

Another reason why I absolutely adore him is his role in Much Ado About Nothing, where he plays Dogberry.  Have you ever seen this rendition?  It is black and white, and is in true William Shakespeare language.  The movie is up there with my Midsummer Nights Dream (no, not the one with Michelle Pfeiffer).

Outside of the book realm, he plays my favorite captain, Captain Malcolm in Firefly.  Unfortunately it was cancelled after the first season.  Which is surprising since it has a lot of followers, as well as spinoffs.

What is your favorite Nathan Fillion character?  Or maybe favorite murder mystery stories? Any recommendations for me to try?