The Hopeless Romantic’s Handbook by Gemma Townley

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I thought this book what the cutest little romance book ever!!!


When it comes to romance, are magic, fireworks, and a dashing knight in shining Armani really too much to ask? Apparently so, since Kate Hetherington has yeast to find an appropriate mate in all of London. Her lifelong friends (and confirmed pragmatists) Sally and Tom tease her endlessly about her hopeless romanticism. But Kate knows that she’s right to want her own fairy tale.

After stumbling upon an old tome titled The Hopeless Romantic’s Handbook, Kate decides to give its advice a whirl. Incredibly, the book lives up to its money-back guarantee, because before Kate can say “Cinderella” she meets Joe Rogers, a drop-dead-gorgeous American actor. Frankly, he’s perfect – and Kate thinks she might have finally found The One. He certainly has the muscles required to sweep her off her feet. But Sal and Tom are less thrilled with Kate’s dreamboat. Are they just jealous, or do they know something about love that isn’t in Kate’s handbook? Kate’s pretty sure that finding true love isn’t supposed to alienate you from your friends, but what she doesn’t know is that her real knight is still waiting for her – and he’s closer than she ever imagined.

Think of the friend from How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (you know, the one who inspired Andy to write that article?) mixed with a little bit of He’s Just Not That Into You and BAM you have The Hopeless Romantic’s Handbook

You get mad, you get awe moments, you get edge of your chair moments, and more. I give this cute little book 5 stars. The story itself, the characters, and the way it was written deserves it.

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