Book Review: Night Walker by Aaron L. Speer

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Aaron . . . Aaron . . . Aaron . . . Lol. Just when I thought I have read every vampire story out there, you surprised me.


Alexandra “Alex” Hensley may not have the most glamorous life, but she’s comfortable with what she has. A good job, her boyfriend Matt, and a nice little apartment with her best friend Lauren. What she believes she has is flipped upside-down, however, when she meets Lauren’s latest crush, a cool and handsome club owner named Dante. Dante focuses all his attention on Alex, and as their friendship grows, Alex’s relationship with Matt and Lauren is straining at the seams.

To prevent losing the two people that have been there for her for as long as she can remember, Alex feels she owes it to them and herself to find out what it is about Dante that is pulling them apart. But once she delves into his world, Alex cannot go back. He is definitely not who – or what – he appears to be, and the city of Sydney is hiding something extraordinary, and deadly, which dates back to the First Fleet.

But no truth comes without a cost. A secret of this magnitude has remained due to one simple rule: They Join Us or Die. Sinister forces, charged with honoring the rule for over two hundred years, emerge to ensure the secret remains intact. Suddenly, Matt and Lauren disappear before Dante learns Alex is next. Can Dante save her? Or will Alex have to make the ultimate sacrifice, for those she loves?

Night Walker is book one of the Undeadly Secrets Series. After I read the synopsis when I got the book, I was already in the mindset of hating Dante. Boy, was I wrong lol. I think I just found my new book boyfriend.

I rate the book 5/5 . . . Because of Dante and the way the story was written. Great job Aaron.

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