Summer After Winter (Hooked in the Hills Book 1) by Rhiannon Hart

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Do you like contemporary romance? Summer After Winter is the book for you if you like small town love


The struggle to overcome the death of her boyfriend.

The older man who is spoken for.

The hidden love that needs to be revealed . . .

Follow Pepper Parker’s heart-wrenching journey of imperfect love, lust, and romance.

When Pepper Parker struggles to overcome the death of her boyfriend, Sam, she moves to Stirling, a small country town to start a new life. She buys the perfect cottage nestled in amongst the gum trees, finds the perfect job and is blissfully living with a guarded heart.

That is until she locks eyes with Aiden Thomas Taylor, a sexy older man and successful property developer who is the first person to make her legs quiver and her lady parts flutter.

A property development overseas, a girlfriend of convenience and the discovery that Aiden’s brother killed Sam jeopardizes their relationship

When I first started reading the book, it felt like a breath of fresh air. I love anything with small towns, and quirky characters. I also love the honesty of losing someone you love. It sucks you in like you are Pepper Parker.

Then, you meet Aiden. Aiden is pretty much every girl’s dream. Mature, good looking, rich, and romantic. I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with him the moment he was introduced.

I give Rhiannon 5 stars for how well this story was written. Any book that sucks me in is a winner in my eyes! Good job Rhiannon!

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Book Review – Blue: A Savages in Ruin Novel by Jane Anthony

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What can I say about this book? It definitely gave me whiplash on how many twists and turns this story has.

Synopsis for Blue: A Savages in Ruin

A Reclusive rock star. Notorious bad boy. Heir to a legacy.

They say a single moment can chance the course of your life.

Mine wasn’t a moment, but a man.

We were wrong for each other in every way, yet it didn’t stop me from wanting him. The broody, arrogant rock star on the verge of self-destruction. His touch was electric, his wounded gaze burning me from the inside out.

He was perfectly imperfect.

Irresistibly tortured.

Utterly broken. Almost as broken as me.

Our jagged edges aligned so seamlessly even I believed we might have healed each other.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

*The is book one in the STAND ALONG Savages in Ruin rock star romance series

Blue . . . Blue . . . Blue. He was a hot mess. He meets Willow in the middle of the street, and decides he wants to help her, so he brings her home. He is instantly attracted to her, but his inner demons is keeping him away.

Willow, who only remembers bits and pieces of her past, is like a breath of fresh air compared to Blue. She wants to be with Blue, fix him, and save him.

Blue will definitely keep you wanting more. The book is a page turner, and have you at the edge of your seat. The moment you think the plot has twisted, you are wrong. There are so many plot twists that it has your head spinning, and wonder . . . Welp, what else is going to happen?

Jane Anthony did a more than wonderful job at writing this epic star-crossed romance. The way it was written, the plot twists, the feeling, the way this swoon-worthy story overall way genius.

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