Chasing the Light by Sherry Hutchison

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Chasing the Light by Sherry Hutchison is a book that you can recommend to your child who loves to read. The story consisted of a little girl, the neighbor boy, fairies, and a troll. If your tween loves fantasy books, this is the book for them. It does not matter if your child is a boy or girl because there is a lot of adventure, some violence (PG type violence), and another world.


CT is a very smart young lady with a vivid imagination. But it’s never led her to the kind of trouble she’s found this summer. This past summer everything has changed and her life will never be the same. Ever since her dad mysteriously left her and her mom, and they moved to a new neighborhood. CT has been seeing strange little flying lights out in the forest behind her house. She resolves herself to follow them after they appear to turn into tiny little flying people. She’ll have to learn the value of trust and friendship as she allows a boy to share her secrets. Secrets about a mysterious world that only they know about. Why have they been chosen? And what does CT’s beautiful red hair have to do with all this mystery? “All of a sudden here was a loud crash and a huge roar that started the calm night, Just like that the spell CT was under was broken, as the frightened fairies forgot the game they were playing. They dropped her and scattered in fear, leaving her in total darkness deep within the forest below. CT landed with a soft thud on the cold damp ground, hitting her forehead on a big tree trunk. She was disoriented and confused as she felt something wet and sticky trickling down her face. The scream froze in her throat as CT now knew great fear for the first time in her young life, as the spell the fairies had her under, was broken.”

The fairies were described as tiny and beautiful. I love anything fairies. I collect fairies whether they are figurines, cups, and books. I recommended the book to my daughter who would fit this age frame for the story.

If you would like to know more about the book and the author here are the links:

Here is her Facebook

Here is her Twitter

Here is her Website

Here is her Goodreads

Here is her Amazon

Here is her Blog

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