Mistletoe Inn

MV5BZDUwZDFkMzAtYTQyMy00YTJjLWEwZjEtNjM5Y2QzNDQ4OWRmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTE5MzA5OA@@._V1_UY1200_CR85,0,630,1200_AL_As I am sitting in my living room, I am watching the Hallmark Channel, and the movie “Mistletoe Inn” was on.  I did not read the description, I just started watching it.  I had to laugh because it was about authors who were trying to become published.  Well, not funny in real life, but funny on how I stumbled across this movie while figuring out what to write about.

Have you ever watched a Hallmark movie?  They always end the same, and sometimes questionable.  A man and woman meet in a convenient location, one despises the other, one goes through a break up, and they cannot avoid each other in any situation.  When they realized this, they make the situation a little better by getting to know each other, and eventually fall in love.

Now, Mistletoe Inn, is no different.  But, I absolutely love the leading lady, Alicia Witt.  Have you ever seen her in a Hallmark movie?  She is hilarious.  Anywho, she plays an aspiring author, who her boyfriend, an another aspiring author, breaks up with her.  She decides to sign up for a writing workshop in a hotel called Mistletoe Inn.  She is met by a man who literally collides with her, who is another aspiring author, is going to the same workshop.  Who else signs up for the workshop?  Her ex-boyfriend.

It is based, of course, around Christmas.  The man who runs into her coaches her into boosting her self-confidence to write.  They get to know each other, all the while, her ex-boyfriend is watching this Christmas love story blossom.

I suggest you watch this movie, as it is hilarious because it does have Alicia Witt in it, but it is also heartwarming.  It is a wonderful Christmas movie for authors and book lovers.  You will not regret it.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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